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Silver Fern Brand


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  • Ultimate probiotic which is a prebiotic & probiotic
    • Gluten free, DNA verified
  • Whole food multivitamin
    • Gluten free, vegan, natural, non-GMO
  • Wai drink mixes with a probiotic blend in flavors like cranberry raspberry, pear mango, strawberry mango, pina colada, pomegranate blackberry, strawberry kiwi
    • Gluten free, no added sugar
  • Paka baking mixes in flavors like German chocolate brownie, double chocolate brownie, lemon bars, blueberry muffin, creme brûlée, chocolate chip cookie, cake brownie, key lime pie bars, strawberry blondie bars, cookies & cream brownie bar, apple cinnamon muffin, & chocolate chocolate chip cookie
    • Gluten free (except for pancake mix), low in sugar, low in calories, high in protein, high in fiber, low net carbs
  • Chocolate such as 70% dark chocolate bark, 70% dark chocolate covered almonds, & 70% dark chocolate flats
    • Gluten free, low calories, high fiber, low net cars, no added sugar, no sugar alcohols, prebiotic & probiotic

Recipe for peanut butter swirl brownies using double chocolate brownie mix here