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Gluten Free


  • Protein bars with flavors such as mocha chocolate chip, blueberry muffin, oatmeal chocolate chip, rocky road, chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies & cream, s’mores, mint chocolate chunk, double chocolate chunk, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate brownie, cinnamon roll, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake, apple pie, mixed berry bliss, coconut cashew, banana nut muffin, PB&J, vanilla almond crunch, lemon cream pie, & peanut butter supreme
  • Beyond cereal bar with flavors such as chocolate, waffle, & cinnamon roll
  • Protein powder with flavors such as salted caramel, cookies & cream, salted caramel, banana cream, chocolate milkshake, vanilla milkshake, peanut butter, strawberries & cream, multi-purpose mix, MCT oil powder, & coconut oil powder
  • Chips with flavors such as BBQ, sea salt, cheddar & sour cream, salt & vinegar, and sour cream & onion
  • Cravings peanut butter cups
  • Pasta with flavors such as spaghetti & spinach fettuccine

Gluten free, high protein, low carb, no added sugar, all protein bars contain tree nuts.