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Ducks and Dragons Bakery


Type of food



Made in Dedicated GF FacilityGluten FreeGrain FreeSoy FreeCorn FreeNon-GMO


  • Flourless bagels such as sesame bagel, poppy bagel, garlic bagel, onion bagel, and everything bagel
  • Flourless rolls such as flourless soft baguette, flourless rolls, cheddar roll, chocolate roll, cinnamon raisin roll, and toasted sesame & poppy baguette
  • Flourless sandwich bread
  • Flourless pizza such as flourless pizza crust & flourless sriracha pizza crust

Gluten free, made in dedicated GF facility, flourless, grain free, soy free, corn free, non-GMO, all ingredients are locally sourced from Northern California farms & small businesses